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Angular 9

posted on: 11 May 2020

Angular is going to be the successor of AngularJS framework. It started as Angular 2 and right now Angular 9 is the latest version. It is an open-source framework based on Typescript language....Read more

AngularJS 1.7

posted on: 24 Apr 2020

AngularJS is a web framework which support the development of web based applications as a Single Page Application (SPA) which follows the MVC design pattern. The 1.7.x version will be the last one of the 1.x series as it is going to be replaced by the 2.x version series....Read more

Node.js 12

posted on: 24 Apr 2020

Node.js is a JS based runtime environment which can be used for server-side web applications implementation. In other words Node.js offers backend developers the possibility to create a JS based Web server as an alternative to mainstream languages such as Java, PHP, Python, .NET etc....Read more


posted on: 15 Apr 2020

MySQL is a very popular RDBMS open-source tool used across many web applications especially the ones knows as the LAMP stack. MySQL 8 has been released on 2018 while the support of this version has been scheduled for April 2026....Read more