• You want to form a team of developers, testers, operations engineers but you are trying to find what is the best way for your team to perform.
  • You are somebody who writes code.
  • You are a junior, middle or an experienced developer.
  • You are writing backend code (e.g. java) or frontend code (e.g. javascript).
  • You are writing test automation code for your end-to-end testing needs.
  • You are using some kind of database where you perform crud operations with your data.
  • You are interested in quality or performance of your code.
  • You are using tools which make the deployment of your application easier.
  • You want to perform maintenance tasks, read logs and check how healthy your system is.
  • You are an ops engineer who deploys applications into several environments.
  • You are interested in all the latest ways of creating an application in terms of architecture, sustainability and scalability.
  • You like reading software books, follow or attend conferences or you want to be certified in state of the art technology.
  • Or you just want to read various articles about modern issues.

Then you are in the right place!!! This is the place where you can find answers for most of your questions.

Join the community and give your feedback regarding all the latest tools and framweorks you use. Share your thoughts and get informed!