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Angular 9

11 May 2020    391    0   

Angular is going to be the successor of AngularJS framework. It started as Angular 2 and right now Angular 9 is the latest version. It is an open-source framework based on Typescript language..  Read more

AngularJS 1.7

24 Apr 2020    434    0   

AngularJS is a web framework which support the development of web based applications as a Single Page Application (SPA) which follows the MVC design pattern. The 1.7.x version will be the last one of the 1.x series as it is going to be replaced by the 2.x version series..  Read more

The jQuery 3.4

30 Mar 2020    126    0   

jQuery is a JS library which simplifies a lot DOM-related operations like traversing html nodes, manipulating elements, event handling, ajax handling and CSS animations. It is a lightweight library which has managed to make a lot easier the whole JS programming experience of a frontend web developer as also stated by its moto: "write less, do more". The 3.4 version will be the last in the 3.x vers.  Read more

The ECMAScript 2019 specification

19 Feb 2020    104    0   

There is no strict versioning standard for JavaScript language and this happens because the JavaScript language has different implementation across different browsers. However JavaScript implements the ECMAScript specifications as they get announced on a yearly basis. The ECMAScript specification standardized by Ecma International states that the ECMAScript 2019 edition will be also known as ES10..  Read more