It has been the de facto way saying this..but as you already know: the only constant thing is change.

How come this expression became so popular ? The answer mainly lies on one word..evolution.
The way we live, the way we work, our needs, our challenges, everything evolves.

What about technology ?

Yes! Technology evolves as well! Computers become stronger, able to solve more and more difficult problems, smartphones, tablets are ready to give you best experience.
We surf the internet, exchange emails, communicate, process data, make online payments and so on.

And what about IT industry ? How does this industry evolve ?
Just follow the trends and soon you will find out...

But..what are trends in software ?

The world is changing fast. New technologies replace old technologies as nobody could have predicted. New langauages, new frameworks, new tools appear year by year ready to satisfy different kind of problems and requirements. And this is what trends are about. Trends refer to all latest, state of the art technologies, frameworks and tools which are being widely used by developers, architects, testers and operations engineers.

Is it important to follow all these trends?

Actually it is not! Following each and every trend does not always work as a magic bullet. Above all it is people, not just a bunch of tools. There have been examples of new trends that did not survive throughout time. They prooved to be either buggy, imature and with little support by software community. But, as we evolve, so do our challenges and our goals. So we can't just stay under the rock for ever. In order to be more effective into our everyday job we can take advantage of new technologies, new tools and new frameworks which came to help!

So move on to next page! Make some careful decisions and pick up a few trends and set some new goals to yourself. Everything around you evolves. Do you want to stay behind ? Invest on yourself, get your favorite programming language and start learning new things.

By learning you build knowledge and by practising you build experience.

And this is what wants to achieve. We provide the content. We share all our knowledge regarding software trends. Feel free to help us expand this knowledge by providing your experiences and thoughts. Enjoy!