The all time classic waterfall model

The waterfall model is a very understandable and manageable model. The waterfall model is a project management methodology based on a sequential design process. The model consists of various phases and one team can move to the next phase only when the previous phase has been completely finished. It is ideal for projects which are small in size and that their requirements can easily be defined up front. Usually it consists of several phases where the most common ones to find are: requirements, design, implementation, verification, deployment and maintenance. In the requirements phase the project manager needs to understand the concept of what the customer wants to do, then the project team designs the software to meet the project needs. After design phase is finished the project team starts the implementation of the software following the design principles. After finishing the implementation the software needs to enter the verification phase where the implemented application gets tested against the project requirements. Since the testing team approves the implementation made, the project gets deployed and finally enters the maintenance phase where it receives the first feedback from the customer.

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